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I just want thank Bob and Eric for their advice and product supplied. I have pulled the same 16 foot work trailer for 10 years. I have worn out (2) all aluminum adjustable units and lived with the crash and smash at every stop and start! My new 12k combo unit pulls straight, is quite and ultimately separates the truck and trailer....I am a believer and hope to refer friends to your great products in the Toronto, Ontario area. God bless.
Ted F.
 Toronto, ON

I want to thank the great staff at Shocker Hitch for offering such a great product. Eric was very helpful with getting me set up with the hitch that met my needs. I have towed with a just a ball, and also weight distribution hitch before. Doing this when the truck goes over a dip in the road you feel it in the cab, and again once the trailer goes over the dip in the road. I always thought this would cause strain on a truck frame. My Chevrolet truck suffered this by a cracked frame. I will treat my Dodge Ram 2500 to the luxury of the Shocker Hitch. This past weekend I was able to give the shocker hit a try. Hitched up, coffee, and 800 miles later... I am SOLD that Shocker Hitch is the best option for hauling a trailer. My vintage Airstream weighs in at 7700 Lbs. The trailer followed true and never swayed once. I do not have a friction sway control system connected to the trailer though the option is available from Shocker Hitch. I went over a lot of bumpy roads and never felt the trailer bucking like before with either a ball or weight distribution set up. SMOOTHEST RIDE EVER!!!
Thanks Eric
Randall K.
Houlton, MA

We purchased our Shocker Receiver Hitch in 2008 and have towed our Arctic Fox 26J Travel Trailer over 45,000 miles with it. If you tow over concrete highways and suffer jolting or the dreaded "Ba-Dump Ba-Bump" from the joints in the slabs; This hitch is for you, any bumps, jolts and road defect impacts are reduced greatly. I am asked more times on the road about the hitch and how it works. We just sold our beloved 26J to some family friends and they bought a Shocker Hitch just like ours to tow with. Best hitches ever, we will never tow with anything else. We are looking forward to years of easy towing of our new Arctic Fox 25W with this hitch.

If you don't have one now...Get one!

Bill Siegel, Eden Utah

Being in the seamless gutter business, I pull a 6,000 pound tandem axle trailer on a daily basis, up & down the hills of western New York. Most of my driving is non expressway, secondary, and back roads. I would get jerked back & forth while traveling down the road. The hitch pin hole would wear oblong. After purchasing the "Shocker Hitch", ALL the jerking back & forth disappeared while towing the trailer with torsion axles. I literally don't know the trailer is behind me. If I didn't know better, I'd have to look in the mirror to see if I forgot the trailer. The "Shocker Hitch" takes about 80% of the jerking out of my dump trailer, with rocker suspension. The "Shocker Hitch" is a GREAT product, well worth the money! MAY I ALSO ADD; Two or three years after purchasing the "Shocker Hitch", I bought a new 2016 truck, and found GM changed the hitch design. "Shocker Hitch" was already on top of things. They sent me an up-dated steal plate(part)which I had to swap out with the original. Other than $10.00 shipping, there was no charge to me for the steal plate. HOW IS THAT FOR SERVICE??? Especially 2 or 3 years after purchasing the "Shocker Hitch". Talk about standing behind your product....... I would have gladly paid for the part. I grease my "Shocker Hitch" once a week. When swapping out the steal plate, I found no wear to the moving parts.

Moral of the story; If your tired of being jerked around, get a "Shocker Hitch". You'll Never regret it.

Scott Green(Stagecoach Gutters LLC)
Dansville, NY

I have been using the Shocker Receiver Mount for the past 5 years. I haul a VERY Rough Equipment Trailer with loads averaging around 8-10K. Prior to purchasing this hitch the trailer unloaded was miserable to transport. The heavy axles and frame transfer a tremendous amount of turbulence to the tow vehicle before buying this Hitch I almost took the trailer back! The hitch has performed flawlessly and I have hauled loads for thousands of miles. Today 8-20-15 I contacted customer support for replacement bushings the customer service was like the old days friendly and helpful something you cannot say about many businesses today so I want to send out a Big Thank You for your help and I will refer your product to those who ask and there have been many!

Brad S.
Ravia, OK

Your hitch is AMAZING! We recently had to move our son to Ohio, so had to rent a U-Haul trailer. We have a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and my husband is VERY fussy with his vehicles and knows what is is like to pull anything behind a truck and get jostled around in the cab with every crack and bump in the road. We bought the Shocker Hitch and loaded the trailer and off we went. It was such a smooth ride, we couldn't even tell we were pulling anything. It was so nice. We highly recommend it.

Thank you,

Lana & Randy
Walters, MN

"Just wanted to let you know how well the Shocker Hitch is working behind my 2012 Chevy 3500 dually.

Our 31-foot event trailer houses a retail store and a garage for our track equipment. Without the hitch it was a regular occurrence to pick items off the floor that bounced out of baskets or shelves. Last trip to a pull way out in the country involved travel on a poorly maintained State Highway. For miles. Usually we have to reduce speed to 40mph to keep our backbones intact in the cab.... and who knows what was going on inside the trailer! With the Shocker Hitch we ran a prudent 50 mph with an open pop can in the cup holder. Probably could have run 60! Whoda figured your invention was that good?! "


Steve E.
Mendota, Il

PS If the boys at the Illinois DOT read my letter highway repair will be a thing of the past....

“After purchasing your shocker hitch, I went and picked up a 20 ft car hauler (Many people saw my hitch at Becks trailers in St. Johns, MI and were amazed by it). Before owning this large of a trailer, I had the normal ball and hitch. I am a true believer about your hitch setup. The drive back from Lansing, MI to Peru, IN was so much smoother with a much bigger trailer then my last trailer which was only 12X6. Thanks for the help and I will be recommending this hitch to all of my friends.”

Thanks again for your help with my hitch and getting it setup before even shipping it. Ready to hookup and roll out.

James N.
Peru, IN

"I purchased the cushion ball a few months ago . It did what I was told it would do , It reduced the noise and vibration at least 90% from being transfered from my trailer to the pickup. I thought I had a trailer problem and was ready to give my trailer back to the manufacturer and tell them to put it where the sun don't shine. I have pulled my trailer about 3500 miles and am very pleased with my cushion ball, Sometimes I forget my 30 " dually tandem axle trailer is behind my dodge megacab.

Thank you so much,

Bud H.
Southern OK

"I purchased the Heavy duty receiver hitch to pull my 27' RV and a 20' trailer for work. This hitch has been great. Not only did it stop the shock in the road bumps it also eliminated the shock in the starting to roll and the stop of the truck. This was one feature i did not understand when i purchased the hitch. This has made our travel so enjoyable. Thank you very much for you design and customer service."

Roger B.
Houma, LA

"Installed my tongue mount hitch last night. Trying it out now. My camper pulls like a dream. No hard jumping up and down. My comfort level has improved 100 percent.  Thank-you for a good product."

Alan H.
Mount Hope, WV

"I have a 8x20 enclosed trailer that I use for my lawn service and my trailer coupler and trailer its self were being damaged due to the truck I received my shocker hitch at 7:30 p.m. on a monday we installed it in the pourin down rain just so we could try it out the next day now im hooked this hitch exceeded my expectations greatly the trailer rides so much smoother I am so glad I bought this hitch my only thing is I wish I would have bought it sooner then my equipment wouldnt have been damaged!"

Timothy B.
Okeechobee, FL

"I purchased a shocker air receiver hitch after driving semi for 29 years. I am retired and pull a 20ft equipment trailer with my ford superduty F350. This hitch smoothes out the ride, especially when empty.
Thanks for a Great Product!! I am informing all my friends about it!!"

Walter T.
Atlanta, GA

"Dear Shocker Hitch,I just purchased a receiver mount hitch and It works well. I would say it takes out at lest 50% of the shock from towing my Airstream."

Jason G.
Manson, NC

"In 2009 I purchased my 1st receiver hitch from ShockerHitch. I was executor of my Aunts Estate in Ft Worth Tx, and I live near Lubbock Tx, 6 hrs 1 way driving distance. I was pulling an enclosed 14 ft tandem trailer to haul estate "stuff" to various kinfolk. Needless to say the ride in the pickup was rough, when pulling the trailer with a regular ball hitch, to say the least. I purchased the Receiver Hitch, after seeing it advertised in Farm Show Magazine. My wife said, "You paid how much for a trailer hitch". But after 1 hr of travel - pulling the trailer attached to the ShockerHitch - my tough critic became a believer, saying it was the best money I ever spent. She could do her NeedlePoint work, read, and relax without the constant banging, joshling, and rough riding caused by the trailer being pulled.

Christmas, 2010, I purchased 3 more receiver hitches for my 2 sons and 1 son in law. They already enjoyed the hitch, as they have borrowed mine when they had any serious, long hauling. To anyone who pulls a trailer and is tired of the constant banging, jarring ride, it will be money well spent to purchase a shockerhitch. Many things purchased today don't work as advertised, this ShockerHitch works as good or better than its advertisement. It Works. "


Earle Hutson
Idalou, TX

"I haul trailers from Indiana to Winnipeg 6 or 7 times a month. They range anywhere from 21 feet to 42 feet long and found that the Shocker Hitch can handle them all with just a slight adjustment of air. The hitch is an amazing unit and I would never go back to using a steel hitch. The difference it makes is hard to discribe untill you actually use one. I have found that with this hitch I can pull longer trailers without the use of equalizing bars by just adding air to the hitch.I have been using the hitch now for over two years and have found the ride and stability using it is truely amazing. I would reccomend this hitch to anyone pulling a trailer, once you have tried it, I don't see you going back to a regular steel hitch.The interchangeable hitch applications are amazing just pull two pins and you can change the hitch application in seconds.One thing I have to say is the service they provide is fantastic. If you need something or have any questions they are there to help just pickup the phone or stop by like I did. They went over the hitch and explained how to use the hitch, not many companies I have ever delt with stop working and go one on one with a customer to go over their product.Oh, and by the way 8 or 9 of my friends also use the hitch and are totally happy with it, and they dont haul for a living, they use it for personnel use.  Thanks again BOB and THE OTHER GUY "

Richard Giesbrecht,
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

"We have a family farm business that requires us to pull many different trailers ranging from 12' and just a few thousand pounds to 25+' wide-load 14,000 pound+ loads. I have used many different types of hitches and load lever bars various attempts to ease the bounce and general rough rides associated with long, empty trailers. What opened our eyes to the Shocker hitches is about $6000 worth of damage to our RV trailer from pulling with a 1-ton truck and conventional weight distributing hitch. The rough ride destroyed the front frame of our Aerolite trailer (I would not recommend Aerolite trailers to anyone - turns out you can make a trailer too light!). I'm convinced this damage would not have occurred had I been using a Shocker hitch all along. After purchasing a unit (primarily for the RV), I began using it for all my farm towing needs. Eric and Bob were very helpful in supplying all the various adapters to pull all my trailers, and it has become an indispensable part of my farm! You will be amazed on how much the hitch improves the ride, and I can't say enough about the quality, design and even the finish of the Shocker hitches. Please feel free to give my phone number out to prospective buyers it they would like to chat about my very positive experiences regarding your products and customer service!"

Lance F.
Sedro Woolley, WA

"This hitch has been by far the best investment that I have ever bought. I have owned this hitch for six years now, and it gets used very often. In fact, if you see me pulling my twenty foot bumper pull you can guaranty I'm using my shocker hitch. Whether I'm pulling my 1952 John Deere R to a tractor pull or hauling #10,000 of firewood off the mountain. The quality of this hitch is amazing. This hitch literally takes the shock forces away from my pickup and my trailer. The hitch is a little pricey, but it's worth every penny. On behalf of my pickup, my trailer, and myself, thanks Shocker Hitch!! "

David P.

"We are a distributor for compact hay equipment and we have to deliver nation wide.  I own a Dodge 3500 and a 29 ft Gooseneck HYD dove tail trailer. My wife went with me to up state NY to make some deliveries and on our way back with an empty trailer, we could  not stand the ride.  When I arrived at my home in Texas I felt like I had been playing football all day long.  I had to do something to get rid of the high amplitude low frequency bounce that makes traveling so miserable. I started searching the internet for a new trailer, air ride suspension etc. then I ran into the Shocker hitch.  I called the staff at Shocker hitch and orderd a hitch for our trailer. Once I received the hitch, I spoke to the staff at shocker hitch and they gave me easy detailed instructions to get the most out of my hitch.  After installation, I found a noticeable decrease in bounce just pulling the trailer around my facility. My last trip to MI. and back was a pleasure.  Here is what I noticed...High amplitude low frequency bounce decreased 80%, Fuel economy increase due to less shock loads on truck drive train. Cargo straps on trailer do not have to be re tightend. Can travel greater distanced in 12 hrs due to less body fatique. I wish to praise the guys at Shocker hitch for job well done.  Fellas, you have engineered a great product. "

Phil from Small Farm Innovations

"Just wanted to tell about my experience with the Gooseneck Surge Hitch. I pull a 33' Tandem Axle Gooseneck with 15000# axles on it, hydraulic beaver tail, and hydraulic jacks. This is a heavy trailer pulling heavy loads. The shock in the 1 Ton PU that I pull with was so bad you could not stand to ride in it. I searched the internet and found several quote "Shocker Hitches". After doing some research I decided on the Shocker Hitch. When I got the hitch, we had the trailer loaded up for a delivery. First we took it down a road that is very rough 5 miles from us. Very tough ride! We brought the trailer back to the shop and installed the Shocker Hitch, applying what we thought was the right amount of air. Took it down the same road and sat in the bed of the truck to watch the action of the hitch. The ride was already smoother, but realized we had too much air in it. After a mile, I released some air out of the air bag, and couldn't believe how much smoother it was. We find that if you apply the trailer brakes on startup and pull the truck forward hard, it will bottom out when it is set "right". I am very happy with my purchase."

Harv P.
Hull, IA

"It's a refreshing change to purchase something and it exceeds your expectations.  I used the Receiver Mount Shocker Hitch for the first time Friday when I moved my boat about 80 miles to the marina and I could not believe how much better it travels.  You've got a great product and its well worth the money.  Thanks. "

Bruce M.
Lexington, KY 

"I rave about my hitch and encourage my friends to try mine. Last week I had to tow a car trailer 15 miles from work to town to get 300 gallons of water, in a water tank of course. I used the solid mount hitch that was sitting on the trailer, I came straight home to switch out to my shocker. It's ridiculous how much better they work, "Thanks a bunch" I'll never part with this thing. These hitches are as awesome as the others using them claim.  I'll never waste another cent on hard connection hitches."

Scott J.
BC, Canada

"I purchased the receiver hitch and I was amazed, I have a 22' poontoon,dual wheel trailer with surge brakes.  At 55 mph it would walk all over the road.  With the shocker I traveled 70-75 on I 81 to Douglas lake and couldn't tell the boat was behind me without looking in the mirror.  Thanks, I know you say it may help with sway, well it did for me and I say great hitch. "

Barry D.
Williamson, WV

"I can't believe how smooth this thing is when pulling a trailer.  I am an on the road salesman and I pull a 24ft enclosed trailer on a daily basis.  I have about four to five thousand pounds in the trailer on average.  Its attached to a 2008 Chevy 2500 ext cab long bed Duramax w/Allison.  Its like the trailer is not even back there.  The truck actually rides smoother with the trailer on than off.  Amazing product!! "

Bruce V.
South Haven, MI


"I travel in a rock band across the country and put on 40K to 50K miles a year. 
I bought the Shocker about 3 years ago and can't imagine driving without one. 
It really smooths out the ride, thanks! "

Craig S.
Colorado Springs, CO

"After 4 trips with your product, I can say that it is one of the best performing products
I have ever used. I would not hesitate to pass that info. along to anybody who asks.
Best of luck for continued success. "

One happy customer-
Jim M.
Williamsville, NY

"Shocker Hitch has been the most economical solution to my rough ride while towing problems.  Now when I am towing it’s like I am not towing.  It feels more like I am carrying a load in the back of my truck.  My truck actual rides smoother when I am towing compared to when I am not towing.  Thank you Shocker Hitch for a great product!"

Stoney M.

"Thanks for all the help with my hitch.
The quality is much better than expected. Money well spent. "
Brent O.
Ogden, UT

"Thanks for a great product, I would stay home before towing without my Shocker hitch. "
(You can quote me...)

Don D.