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Cushion BallBenefits include:†

Helps to Protect Your Trailer

Absorbs Harsh Impacts

Reduces Noise

Made From Chrome Moly Steel

Nickel Coated for Wear and Corrosion Protection

Drops Right into B&W Socket


Cushion Ball

The mark of a good product is simplicity and value. Our new gooseneck ball has both of these qualities. Imagine running on concrete with metal shoes. Bang, Bang, Bang all the way. Thatís basically what happens when you tow a gooseneck trailer with a solid steel hook up. Now lets put a pair of soft running shoes on, WOW!, what a difference that makes. No bang, no clang, and way less fatigue. The Shocker Cushion Ball works a lot like those running shoes.†

The Gooseneck ball uses a polyurethane bump cushion sandwiched between two steel plates.† When the tongue weight of the trailer is added the polyurethane compresses.† The polyurethane serves as a punching bag absorbing the road shock as you go.† The obvious benefit of the Shocker Cushion Ball is that it helps to protect your trailer from fatigue and reduces noise. This hitch ball assembly is designed to fit in a B&W gooseneck socket, at a very affordable price.

Gooseneck Cushion Ball $149.00
Click Here for Product Details!Helps protect your trailer from road shock.
Absorbs harsh impacts - Reduces noise.
Fits into B&W socket - Easy install.
Made from chrome moly steel - Nickel plated.
Affordable price - Great Value.
Rated to 20,000 lbs towing capacity.
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